Team 91 National

The country's premier lacrosse club has come together to raise the bar once again! Team 91 National will be comprised of the best players across each 91 region: Long Island, Tristate, Colorado, Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, and Maryland. Bringing together the best of the best, Team 91 National will compete in the most competitive events across the country.


Team 91 was established 12 years ago with one thing in mind; to provide an unparalleled level of teaching, that which is not seen in most travel organization. Sticking true to our motto, the 91 National directors and coaches are amongst the best in the game today!

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Team 91 National Summer Schedule

Team 91 National is ready to take the summer by storm! We’re ready to roll at a pair of high-level events this summer. The 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 and 20230 teams will play at the Future Champions…

Team 91 National Wins Three Titles at Club World Championships

Team 91 National emphatically made its presence felt at the inaugural Club World Championships, presented by My Lacrosse Tournaments. Team 91 took home three championships with the 2026 Stars, 2027 National and 2028 Stripes powering through their…

Get to Know Team 91 National at the Club World Championships

Team 91 National boys took over the first Club World Championships presented by My Lacrosse Tournaments. The boys took home championships in the 2026, 2027 and 2028 championships! Prior to them taking the field, we held the…