Team 91 National Girls’ 2023-24 Schedule

Year 2 of the girls’ Team 91 National means we’re ready to take off!

Our girls’ teams are headed west once again to take place in the Sand Storm Lacrosse Festival in Indio, California. They put on a show last year in their first year together – including a championship for the 2026s – and they’re ready for even bigger and better things.

Sand Storm, the country’s biggest event, takes place on Jan. 13-14 at the Empire Polo Club. All Team 91 National teams will be in attendance, from 2025 through 2031.

The girls will be back together a little more than a month later for the Team 91 High Intensity Weekend on Feb. 22-24 in Naples, Florida. The scenic Paradise Sports Complex will play host to an exceptional training weekend, run by the best directors and coaches from across the Team 91 family.

After the camp, players will also have access to a pair of Division I college games on Saturday, Feb. 24.

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