Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Team 91 National?

Team 91 National comprised of the best players across each 91 region: Long Island, Tristate, Colorado, Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Triad, Charlotte, Georgia and Northside. Bringing together the best of the best, Team 91 National will compete in the most competitive events across the county. All players MUST be a team 91 regional member to participate.

2. How will I know if I made a team?
Players are individually nominated by regional coaches and directors. Once nominated, the best from each age group (2024-2029) is selected by National directors to fill rosters at each position. Official welcome letters are sent to each player selected.
3. How many players are on a roster?
National teams are comprised of 23-25 players. Each roster will have at least two players from each region but no more than six. There will be at least two national coaches on each roster from different regions.
4. How do I secure my spot on Team 91?
Once invites are sent, we ask that players register online to secure their spot. Registration deadline is 72 hours within receiving your formal Team 91 National Invite. If not registered by deadline, spot will be awarded to a different player. Players will have two payment options upon accepting their spot.
  • Option 1 - Upon accepting their spot, players will make their deposit payment. Player's credit card will be charged in three (3) equal monthly payments ending prior to first winter event.
  • Option 2 - Upon accepting their spot, players will make a full annual tuition payment.
5. What is the Team 91 Refund Policy?
Once a player commits to playing for Team 91 National, that spot is theirs. The player commits to the full-year program as well as annual tuition. Refunds will only be given to players who miss due to injury, in which case a doctor's note must be supplied for consideration. Further, players assume all travel responsibilities and costs. Team 91 can not and will not refund any travel costs. (*COVID DISCLAIMER: If a player/family are traveling to or from a restricted state, it is the responsibility of the player/family to follow mandated guidelines for safe entry and return). It is a requirement for registration to waive rights to refunds for any reason.
6. Who do I contact with questions?
For all questions, please contact Team 91 National Administrator Jill Pfeifer at
7.How is playing time determined?
The best players will play at the events. Playing time is not equal for all players and will be at the coaches digression.